Evolution of Charcoal Filter

charcoal filter

During history, increasing of the safety requirements of cigarettes not only have a beneficial effect on the quality of the tobacco in cigarettes and contributed to the spread of filter cigarettes, but also pushed the scientific idea to find materials that could more effectively deter harmful substance formed from the combustion of tobacco.

One of the materials that is well insulated smoker's lungs from getting resin is coal. Originally cigarette with a charcoal filter was not very popular, as the taste of smoking was very filthy. Gradually, however, the optimal dose of coal was selected and there was found a more favorable formula for its application. In this charcoal filter cigarettes started their existence.

However we should know that initially charcoal filter cigarettes were widely used in Japan. After that the ides spread to European and American territories. Americans quickly realized all the benefits of the production of cigarettes with charcoal filter, and developed some standards by which these cigarettes should be made. A great disadvantage in the production of cigarettes with charcoal filter was that the slow speed of their release.

The filter were assembled manually and, accordingly, the price of these cigarettes was very high. Not everyone wanted to pay for their own health, but the situation has once again changed with the invention of equipment capable of automating the assembly of carbon filters, it was in the mid-seventies, and from that moment began the era of triple cigarette filters.