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  • Manufacturer: Tutun-CTC
  • Box Size: King
  • Packs: 10
  • Nicotine, mg: 0.8
  • Tar, mg: 10
  • Carbon, mg: 12
  • Offer: 2 Cartons x $11.60
Price: 23.20 USD
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Cheap Cosmos Smokes On-Line

Cosmos online cigarettes are budged cigarettes that are manufactured in Eastern Eurpope on TUTUN CTC factory that is located in Europe. Cosmos cigarettes are one of the most popular cigarettes in Eastern Europe. They are made from local grown tobacco that is one of the best in Eastern Europe. Wholesale Cosmos cigarettes are made for smokers who like to smoke strong cigarettes for low price. You can order best and cheap Cosmos cigarettes from our store only.

Usually Cosmos cigarettes are bought by smokers who like full flavor tobacco taste, but with filter. Cheap Cosmos cigarettes are sold mainly in Eastern Europe and Russia, and many smokers like them for their price and quality. Cosmos cigarettes are dedicated to the first flight to the space, and pack of Cosmos cigarettes online has picture, where space ship flies to the stars.

Wholesale Cosmos cigarettes are cheap and affordable, that is why we have only one type of this brand in our stock. They are 88mm king size cigarettes that are packed in strong King Size pack. Cosmos cigarettes are very strong so keep that in mind they have tar volume: 16 mg and nicotine volume: 1.2 mg. If you prefer real tobacco taste without any supplements you should definitively try Cosmos cigarettes.