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  • Manufacturer: Tutun-CTC
  • Box Size: King
  • Packs: 10
  • Nicotine, mg: 1.2
  • Tar, mg: 15
  • Carbon, mg: 16
  • Offer: 2 Cartons x $10.60
Price: 21.20 USD
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Wholesale Fluieras cigarettes are made by European Company TUTUN CTC that is located in Eastern Europe. Tutun CTC is famous to their popular brands like Doina, Nistru, Astru etc. Fluieras cigarettes online are almost like Doina in taste, and Doina fans will like them. Fluieras online cigarettes are qualitative and cheap, and every smoker that like hard taste, will like them. Don’t waste your time, and order cheap Fluieras cigarettes online.

Wholesale Fluieras cigarettes are made by unique and qualitative Virgina tobacco, that are grown on sunny soil. Virginia tobacco is one of the best tobaccos in the world, and everyone knows about their taste and quality. If you order cheap Fluieras cigarettes online from our store, you will receive hard and strong cigarettes in strong king size packs for low price.

Fluieras cigarettes are created for people who like non-filter cigarettes, but they contain filter. Taste of these cigarettes is very hard and heavy. We have only King Size Fluieras cigarettes with 16 milligrams of tar and 1.3 milligrams of Nicotine. If you prefer cigarettes like Astru, Doina, Cosmos you should definitely try Fluieras cigs, they are cheap and well build by professionals at TUTUN CTC.