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Leana Non Filter Cigarettes Online

Leana Non Filter

  • Manufacturer: Tutun-CTC
  • Box Size: Regular
  • Packs: 10
  • Nicotine, mg: 1.1
  • Tar, mg: 13
  • Carbon, mg: 14
  • Offer: 2 Cartons x $10.10
Price: 20.20 USD
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Cheapest Leana Cigarettes Online

Leana online cigarettes are made by famous TUTUN CTC concern. This company is located in Eastern Europe. Wholesale Leana cigarettes are famous in some circles due to that, that they are non-filter and strong cigarettes. Leana cigarettes can be compared to Plugarul, Nistru and others. If you decided to purchase cheap Leana cigarettes online you need to know that they are pretty strong filter less cigarettes that are created for men. You can purchase Leana cigarettes online from our store and enjoy real tobacco taste.

Leana cigarettes are made from local grown tobacco. TUTUN CTC Company is known for their qualitative and cheap workforce. Wholesale Leana cigarettes cam be compared to expensive non-filter cigarettes like Camel or Marlboro. Also Leana cigarettes are almost like Pipe Tobacco. Leana cigarettes are placed in soft packs, and they have special paper mouthpiece that you can use, so you won’t taste tobacco instead of tobacco smoke.

Our online store has only one Leana cigarettes type. Leana Non-Filter Cigarettes are 10 Regular Size Flip Top Boxes in Hard Packs. There will be 200 Non-Filtered cigarettes per carton. When you will order cheap Leana cigarettes online please note that they are very strong and they have 16 milligrams of tar and 1.3 milligrams of nicotine. Try Leana cigarettes and you will like them, for their unique and strong tobacco taste.