BAT Launching E-Cigarettes

Despite the fact that smoking in general is slowly decreasing, it sees rise among young people from 20 to 35 years old. Moreover, there still remains problem with smoking among children, who manage to find cigarettes despite the harshest rules of tobacco distribution. CEO of British American Tobacco is convinced the e-cigarettes are an ideal solution not only for those, who wish to abandon the harmful habit, but also for those who still want to enjoy cigarettes, but without harming their health.

Vaping becomes more and more widespread and it already used in all states in US. Those who quit smoking in favor of vaping say that their health has considerably improved after only one month of vaping. The foremost advantage of vaping lies in the fact that you do not consume harmful carcinogens, which are present in conventional cigarettes.

British American Tobacco can be called pioneer in its ways to switch to a safer smoking. At the moment it is the only company that fully admits the risk that traditional tobacco cigarettes contain and strives to find a better alternative, despite its very successful business that brings over £30 billion a year in profits.