Legal Age For Buying Cigarettes

Earlier this month, city council of Columbia has voted to increase the legal age for buying tobacco products from 18 to 21. During the session, this legislation was passed, a couple of city council members have shared their own experience of smoking being teenagers and expressed their hope that the new law will change the accessibility and correspondingly decrease the overall amount of smokers in the years to come.

Although this legislation seems to be a great way to fight smoking, it also bans usage of e-cigarettes, which as it was said numerous times – helps people to stop smoking tobacco cigarettes. The new legislation was also not welcomed by those people, who feel that their rights are being limited and perceive the new law as invasion of their personal liberty.

It is even more so, given that the third ordinance 6-1 forbids people to use vapor products (in other words e-cigarettes) indoors. However, despite the controversy, Laura Nauser became the only member of council, who voted against the legislation in the light of the controversy, fired by the new law.