Marlboro Clear Taste - A New Succesful Brand

Recently Marlboro cigarettes has released a new series on several of their international markets called Marlboro Clear Taste.

The series includes three types of cigarettes:

Classic version - has four innovative band filters.

Compact version - has a double filter, as well as coal section that gives a mild taste.

Ultra slim version - especially popular among the female population.

Four band filter was designed in Italy especially for this series of cigarettes. Filter cigarettes gives a mild taste. This is due to combining it coal fiber and purified cellulose. In Switzerland, the headquarters of the company, an international team of designers has developed the design packs.

In this context, for example in Russia cigarette volume grew considerably after the launch of Marlboro Clear Taste. Russia is the second biggest cigarette consuming nation in the world, and Russians consume around 375 billion cigarettes annually.