More Teens Choosing Vaping

2014 is the first year that teens can be proud of themselves for making healthier choices in life. The consumption of tobacco products and alcohol among students of 8 to 12th grades is at its lowest since 1975. The majority of those, who otherwise would have been smoking tobacco cigarettes, are making vaping their choice. However this obsession with e-cigarettes is causing serious concerns.

Unfortunately, manufacturers of e-cigarettes are abundant and there is absolutely no say as to what exactly contains in these e-cigarettes, what are the oils they’re based on and how high is the dose of nicotine. Considering the fact that FDA still keeps silent regarding this matter – more and more parents, whose teens turn to vaping are rising the alarm, wishing to now the new possible enemy to the health of their kids.

E-cigarettes still remain a controversial topic since some people, claiming them to be a panacea for quitting smoking and making a step towards healthier lifestyle, while other are still cautions and want to spend more time studying the new fad, hesitant to jump to positive conclusions.