Result of British American Tobacco Expanding on Russian Market

British American Tobacco is one of the tobacco industry and invest every year about economy 6.5 million dollars in the development of the national economy of Russia.

Latest results are proof that the "British American Tobacco Russia" steadily holds fifth part of the market of tobacco products in the country. The company accounts for 20.5% in real terms, while the share in the segment of "premium" is 45.7%.

Particular attention is paid to international brands in the price segment of "premium" as Kent, Dunhill and Vogue. Cigarettes brand Kent shows a steady growth in the segment of "premium". At present, the sales leader is Kent with 35.2%. Vogue also occupies a strong position in the "premium" segment and amounts to 7.6%, respectively Dunhill 2,7%.

Cigarette brand Java Gold won the recognition of Russian consumers. In the price segment of "quality at a reasonable price" this brand amounts 12.7%, In the lower price segment leader is Alliance with 12.8%.

By this time, the company "British American Tobacco Russia" has invested in the development of tobacco factories many million dollars. The bulk of investments aimed at improving the production technology and innovation of the products.