Ultra-thin Cigarettes Winston XS Micro

The company Japan Tobacco International has introduced its new development - thiniest cigarettes called Winston Xs Micro. These cigarettes can truly be called the finest cigarettes in the world since their diameter is only 14.7 millimeters.

Tendency to release excess slim cigarettes have been observed for years in the global tobacco market, but until now nobody has been able to develop the technology of production of cigarettes with such a small diameter.

The first difficulty in manufacturing such cigarettes that they were inevitably losing their taste inherent to various brand of cigarettes. But it seems that a specialist in the company Japan Tobacco International was able to solve this problem and now the developers assure the palatability of cigarettes have not changed and, judging by the feedback from the participants presentations, according to the creators of cigarettes Winston XS Micro is truly great.

The company Japan Tobacco International believes that the new development will revolutionize the tobacco market and soon we should expect over the thin cigarettes and other tobacco manufacturers.

The experiment concluded to be a successful one and in the last year Winston Xs Micro became a popular brand, a sign of delicatessen and grace and conquered a lot important tobacco markets all over the world.