Online Cigarettes Sale Frequently Asked Questions

Ordering and Payment:

Question: Where do you deliver cigarettes?

Answer: We ship cigarettes to USA only.

Question: Can I place an order by phone, fax, e-mail or live chat?

Answer: Unfortunately no, you can only place it online.

Question: How long does it take for the order to be delivered?

Answer: The delivery usually takes 2-3 weeks (it may take a bit longer during the winter holidays’ season)

Question: How can I place an order?

Answer: 1. Register in our online cigarette store by clicking “Join!” (right under the Login button)

2. Choose the brand you wish to order from the brands list on the left (for example “Marlboro”)

3. Click “buy now” near the type of cigarettes you wish to order (for example “Marlboro Gold”)

4. If you wish to order anything else click on “Continue Shopping”, if you wish to place an order already – click on “Proceed to Cart”

5. In the Shopping Cart adjust the Amount of cartons you wish to order (keeping in mind that 1 unit = 2 cartons).

6. Then click on Checkout and fill out the requested form on Shipping/Billing address page

7. After that you will be transferred to the payment page where you’ll be able to finalize your order.

Question: What payment methods do you offer?

Answer: Credit Card, Bitcoin

Question: Do you keep client’s Credit Card information?

Answer: We do not. In fact we don’t even see it as all the details are entered by our customers on the bank’s payment page.

Question: Where can I find my order’s payment and shipping status?

Answer: You can see your order’s status in “My Profile”, under “My Orders”

Question: How can I cancel/delete order?

Answer: In order to cancel/delete order you need to contact our customer support team within 24 hours after the order is placed. All the contact information is indicated on the Contact Us page.

Question: Will I have to pay any taxes?

Answer: No, you will not have to pay any taxes.

Question: What is the maximum amount of cartons that fit in one package?

Answer: We can fit maximum 4 cartons of regular girth in one package or up to 7 cartons of super slims cigarettes.

Question: What happens if the package with cigarettes is lost, stolen or damaged?

Answer: In case you don’t receive the package within 30 days period since the shipping date – we presume it lost or stolen and either reship the package or make the refund of your funds. If you received damaged cigarettes – please take a photo of cigarettes and of the box they came in and send us an e-mail to, explaining the problem with the photos attached. As soon as we receive the photos from you – we will either reimburse the damaged products or we’ll reship them.

Question: Do you divide big orders?

Answer: Yes, if your order is for over 12 cartons – it is most likely that it will be divided in 2 shipments.

Question: What is the minimum amount of cartons that I can order?

Answer: You can order minimum 2 cartons on our web site.

Question: What is the maximum amount of cartons that I can order?

Answer: You can order as much as you like, there is no limit, but keep in mind that we can ship 12 cartons per week to a single shipping address. That is why, if you place an order for 24 cartons and what to receive them all at once – please contact our customer support and provide one more valid shipping address.